Gruppenausstellung "S-motion"

kuratiert von M.Paradoxa,

Kunstverein Wagenhalle, Stuttgart

Installation, verschiedene Materialien, 2022


Ulrika Jäger brings a valuable artistic voice to the exhibition with many years of accumulated experience in feminist and queer movements. Walking through the world with conscious eyes, Jäger looks at objects and questions them for their subjective and objective affects. Her new work "I love my (r)age" addresses the topic of ageism––hiding behind a curtain, out of shame and guilt, unwilling to be a burden to others, no longer being a pretty sight, no longer playing an important role––a sense of helplessness conveyed to people in old age by a society driven by success and consumption. Yet her work also calls for resistance, raising fists against the invisible wall of agism and evoking a collective fight.

Fotos: Lisa Biedlingmaier